Motion Introduced to Remove Pacary from Micro-Monde


Upon the introduction of this motion, Earl Washburn, President of Amerada and Micro-Monde posted in the Pacary Embassy in Amerada that if Pacary did leave, he would cut ties…and I have no doubt that he would attack Pacary like he did with South Mondesia last month. I am a citizen of Pacary and here is my post on the motion in response to Earl trying to gather support through sobbing in the People’s Congress while threatening our freedom of choice in Amerada:

“Is Micro-Monde really good for Pacary? No, why? Well let’s see, Earl is trying to limit our freedom of choice. In the Pacary Embassy in Amerada, he has threatened to cut relations with us if we leave Micro-Monde. Micro-Monde, as I have said before, is Earl’s private empire and if we don’t leave now, we’ll probably never get the chance again. It’s time for us to stand up against Earl’s threats and say no more – we must leave Micro-Monde before he tries to take away our other cherished freedoms even more. The man is playing you for a fool, he does not have Pacary’s best intentions in mind when it comes to Micro-Monde, and he only has his own deluded attempts at controlling an empire called Micro-Monde in mind.

Here is his notice at the embassy:


“If Pacary leaves Micro-Monde, I am afraid, we will see this as a threat to the Republic of Amerada, and therefore we will cut relations with Pacary, and will continue to do so until Pacary re-joins. I also urge you, Sander to vote nay, and to get your citizens to do so as well. It is important to remain friends.”

I personally take this as a threat of declaring war on us for exercising our freedom as a democratic nation – something Earl might not know much about anymore. In addition to the previous motion in this thread, I also motion that we suspend diplomatic ties with Amerada indefinitely for their threats against our freedom and integrity. We should not bow to threats from a power hungry little boy.”

We see once again that Earl is a hypocrite. He claims to support democracy, but won’t let a nation within Micro-Monde freely decide its own future without threatening that nation with retaliation. Is has been known in Pacary for some time that Earl would use military action to keep us in his private empire, we are now seeing how far he’ll go to keep us under his control in Micro-Monde through fear and intimidation. Let this be a warning to all nations, from a person who has been in the Micro-Monde scene for many months and knows what Earl Washburn is like when it comes to controlling nations – if you value your freedom of choice, your democracy, and your independence, stay clear of Micro-Monde, it will only be your downfall.

Ladies, and gentlemen, we can now see why no one who has experience in micronations takes Amerada seriously, or trusts it. Earl is a threat to all our independence and freedoms under democracy. His empire is crumbling because the nations within it have seen the truth about Earl Washburn. The downfall of Micro-Monde will not be seen as a disaster, but as a wonderful event that will be celebrated by all those nations who have been forced to remain quiet and forced to stay in Micro-Monde for fear of their freedom and fear for their nation’s assets. Democracy is the most valued human right, our freedom to choose, and Micro-Monde is falling apart because it’s creator and its dictator has stole us of our freedom.

Earl also claimed that his human rights were violated because I protested over his request to become election overseer in Pacary, for reasons that are published in the past editions of the MFP. I gave a interesting reply, that points out that he has no concept of human rights, other than that they belong solely to him:

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