Tymaria Dissolved!

TYMARIA CITY – On Wednesday (Sep 18/2002), Prime Executive Tony Au finally disbanded the United Micronation Republic of Tymaria.

Tymaria’s death had been pretty apparent for at least two months. After the provinces were released and the constitution suspended, most of the activity trickled away, leaving pretty much only Scott Alexander, Nick Raglan, and the Prime Executive. Alexander resigned and the other two disappeared about a month ago, so the country sort of died. There were a couple of attempts to annex it, and in response, a number of people decided it ought to be legally dissolved so as to prevent problems from coming up. Communiqués were sent to Prime Executive Au, the only person with the power to make such a decision. And, on September 18, he arrived, blaming connection problems for his absence. He declared that Tymaria was now property of Shireroth.

A number of people were upset. First, there had just been a pretty big deal about trying to stop Tymaria from being annexed by anyone else. Second, the Foundation, a group dedicated to historical preservation, ought to have gotten it. After a number of protests, Au revised his original plan. The Foundation would get the Tymarian forum and site (site? what site?), most of the land would go blank on the map, and Shireroth would get only the former Machiavellian Duchy of Mo’Adib. While people were a bit annoyed about even this concession, no one seems to be complaining too much, least of all the Shirerothians.

Reaction has generally been positive from all corners. Tymaria’s traditional enemies, such as Babkha and Treesia, are understandably glad it’s finally out of the way, and a number of Tymarian supporters are glad that closure has been brought to everything. A number of people, having apparently never heard the saying to speak nothing but good of the dead, are doing everything short of partying, and acting rather obnoxiously.

Speaking of acting obnoxiously, everyone’s favorite pretend king from another dimension, Jacobus Imperator, has taken this opportunity to crown himself Emperor of Tymaria, adding the United Republic to the long list of places he’s claimed to be king of when he really isn’t thus offending everyone there (Morovia and Cyberia come to mind). He bases this annexation on a poll, in which the citizens of Tymaria apparently voted him into the position. Problems with the poll include the fact that the other choices were stuff like “Let Tymaria sink to the bottom of the sea” and the fact that most of the voters were double logins of Jacobus anyway. Oh well.

Ex-Prime Au is now looking for people to take over the ICEO until he can return more permanently. When this will be is a bit unclear.

Tymaria had a great run. We’re sorry it had to die, but at least it died with dignity.

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