Tymaria bombed, Freenesia surrenders without being attacked

Last night, at around 8 PM Tymaria time, an unknown assailant from the Free Territories of Freenesia attacked the Tymarian General Forum. The attack followed a vote in favour of declaring war on Tymaria in Freenesia earlier that day. In the attack, a new weapon, known as the “Fag Bomb” which was under development during the previous weeks was used. The weapon is not a spam weapon, but has the power to effectively force a nation into submission by posting pictures of gay porn using the Ezbomb delivery system stolen off of Pacary. The head of state for Freenesia, Philip Locke, who ordered the attacks, apologized to Tymaria for those same attacks as he was not aware of how gruesome the “Fag Bomb” was.

With the use of the bomb, the war drive for the Free Territories of Freenesia has effectively been halted and what little glimmer of hope for the FT’s future has been destroyed. Freenesian war plans included attacks on Tymaria, Amerada, and many other nations. On August 13, 2002, Philip Locke announced that he is, for the final time, shutting down the Free Territories. He issued an official surrender to Tymaria without Tymaria’s military even being called up for service. The vote in Pacary to declare war on the FT has also been halted with the demise of the target. Locke has also announced that he will most likely give the FT to the United Baronies.

Amerada was celebrating the announcement by Locke as it is common knowledge that Freenesia’s life was harassing Amerada and also because the dispute between the two nations over Micro-Monde land is now null and void.

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