2006, Year of Growth

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Lonenberg (GP) – Happy New Year from the Gotzborg Eagle!

As we enter 2006, we are consistently suprised by the evolution of the sector. While the norm seems to be nations coming as fast as they are going, the pendulum has swung somewhat the other way over the last two months with the arrival in the sector of a host of new micronations which look like they have no intention of “going the way of the dodo” as many have in the past.

Among these newcomers is the Principality of Paulovia which impressed insiders from the moment of their first post in the MCS, declaring their intent to apply for land after their first 3 months online passes. This in itself was a suprise. Many of those who have been about the sector for any length have come to gauge a new nation’s possible longevity by their first impression on the MCS. Normally this entails a nation applying for land without first consulting the clearly posted rules and guidelines and then arguing to no end with the MCS management. Then it usually ends wih name calling on the part of the applicant and followed by a quick disappearance. Paulovia clearly impressed MCS Guru Orion Ilios who replied to the Paulovian claim by stating “Paulovia seems to be an exception to the more recent micronations to be developed, in that it has shown exceptional quality in etiquette and diplomacy. I look forward to the time when Paulovia fully qualifies to join our organisation.” Clearly if Paulovia continues on its course, it will in time become a strong and valuable part of the community.

The Foreign Office recently completed the Treaty of Recognition and Friendship with the Principality of Paulovia, prior to the Royal Kingdom’s usual 3 month waiting period, in itself signifying unspoken approval for the Principality’s maturity. Foreign Office insiders report that Gotzborg may be asking Paulovia to claim land on the Novasolum continent when they eventually qualify with the MCS.

In other news, the Royal Bank of Gotzborg opened two-way trading with the Central Bank of Anthelia after months of wrangling in regards to exchange rates. Anthelia’s listed exchange rate was not inline with guidelines established by the Home Office and initial economic relations were halted. With the establishment of this link, Gotzborg businesses are looking forward to the opportunity to work more closely and within Anthelia.

The Royal Kingdom welcomes two newest citizens who have so far been making a name for themselves, Mr Thomas Maher and Mr John Cervantes. Mr Maher has already been appointed to the Royal Security Police Service in the Protective Services branch and is working on protection guidelines and protocols for the Kingdom’s Royal and Government personages. Mr. Cervantes, who has recently been away on holiday, has been working on flag etiquette for the Kingdom.

And finally, the Chamber of Deputies hasnever been more active, mainly because of the enthusiastic activity and interest of Mr George Guelph. The Gotzborg Eagle wants to express its joy that the democrocratic institution of the Chamber is finally being utilized as it was intended! Good work George!

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