5 Items of interest from the Atteran Fed.

Editorial by Ras Diga Makonnen IV

This week in the Atteran Federation and the Atteran Commonwealth it has been extremely busy and exciting, with the various plans that have been laid down and are currently underway.

I will personally take the time to explain a few of them so that you can get it straight from my mouth rather than listen to erroneous rumor.

First, my election to Prime Minister of the Atteran Federation. No other candidates wished to run. Not by my intimidation or by scandalous measures, but, I think it’s because I actually had some good ideas to put forward and the citizens of Attera actually trust that I will bring more activity and interaction to our micronation. I actually wished that someone did run against me, but, I’m not going to beg for someone to step forward if they choose not to. That doesn’t bode well in my view, because I have always felt that one should do as they wish, as long as it’s in reason.

Second, the formation of the Atteran Commonwealth, this project petered out with the formation of Tymaria. Now that the Atteran Federation is now free, it’s only proper that we give those micronations who desire our help, assistance, advice, a means to establish themselves with those whom share a common history, but choose to strike it out on their own. One common error is the view that these new micronations are “puppets” of the Atteran Federation. These micronations, are completely independent and sovereign in their own right and will not be dominated by us. Think of it as a mix between NATO and the British Commonwealth, all for one and one for all, but we all share the same Sovereign and will work together on the basis that we are all originate from Attera. Now of course, other micronations are welcome to join, only if they choose to do so.

Third, the annexation of Interland. The Atteran Imperial Government and the Government of the Commonwealth of Interland have almost concluded full annexation of Interland into the Atteran Federation. Interland will be accorded the same status as Attera, Argaal and Makonnia as an Imperial Region of the Atteran Federation. Since all of the Imperial Regions have their own distinct internal workings, our government has deemed it necessary to continue to allow Interland to maintain their unique culture which is based on the German Monarchic system, and will respect it’s internal borders and laws. Yet, by it’s inclusion in the Atteran Federation, it will be a requirement to fall in line with the Imperial structure of the Atteran Federation, such as, assuming Atteran titles and customs outside of Interland. In this way, Interland is viewed in the same light as Attera, Argaal and Makonnia which all have their certain quirks that are protected by our Crimson Constitution.

Fourth, we will be launching our economic simulation, in which the groundwork is still being set. Once we complete the total structure which is based on the current MCS map that outlines resources, we will publish it to all of the major intermicronational news periodicals. We hope that once this has been disseminated through those periodicals, others will adopt it and begin trading with us. In the future, we envision yet another great aspect of micronationalism that will make our hobby even more interesting and fun. One interesting note is that Mr. Cromien of the Republic of Baracao has offered to share some of the Baracaoan ideas on economies. We will be listening to his advice and may possibly use some of his ideas. This only fosters greater cooperation and possible lucrative trade over our common border.

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