Paulovia Lobbies Gotzborg to Rescind Fees

Paulovia’s ambassador to Gotzborg, Philip James, has called for the review of business registration fees by the Royal Government, encouraging Gotzborg to follow his own micronation’s lead of reducing or eliminating fees for Novasolum treaty partners.

Expressing his opinion that current business registration fees in Gotzborg, which range from as little as 1,000 Thalers to 5,000 Thalers (plus a required minimum capital of up to 20,000 Thalers), James said that a reduction in fees would “attract [foreign] business to Gotzborg.” Sharing this view, entrepreneur Guido Zambelis cursed “[Gotzborg’s] taxes” in his recent business trip to Matbaa.

Liam Sinclair of the Royal Bank of Commerce, the micronation’s central bank, has stated that the “current business registration fees will only be reviewed if [Gotzborg’s] current financial situation warrants it.”

The issue of reviewing the business registration policies of Gotzborg is being raised as the Royal Government prepares to hold its first official cabinet meeting since February of this year. Among the list of items for discussion at this month’s meeting include a blanket review of government revenues and the formal development of a national income tax system – an endeavour that has been underway since August 2005

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