Animosity between Simulationists and Secessionists Evident: Survey

The results of the Coprieta Standard’s Micronations 2007 survey confirm the popular notion that there is animosity between the simulationist and secessionist communities, though this animosity may not be as widespread as thought. Asked for their views of secessionists, 32.7% of simulationists had a negative one while 27.3% of secessionists viewed simulationists poorly. Meanwhile, 54.5% … Read more

Immaturity a Significant Threat to Micronationalism

Results of the Coprieta Standard’s Micronations 2007 survey indicate that micronationalists believe immaturity among community members poses a substantial threat to the community’s future. Second only to immigration and participation levels (42.3%), immaturity was the biggest threat indicated by 28.2% of respondents. Immigration and participation levels were the primary threat reported by the simulationist community … Read more

Micronationalists Possess Range of Education

The Micronations 2007 Survey, conducted by the Coprieta Standard at the end of May this year, indicates varied education levels throughout the population with a considerable portion possessing a high school diploma or less, and a clustered macronational population. The results are the first to be released from the survey, with additional information expected to … Read more