A Second Tymaria?

Politikan President Bobby and Philip Locke have made a proposal to the Micras sector. The proposal would create a Micras-wide confederacy much like Tymaria in order to create one nation that would have enough man power to succeed. The lack of man power in various Micras micronations, especially the younger ones, is spelling doom for those nations as they struggle to maintain regular government functions, and many nations that are successful at maintaining activity usually have one or two citizens holding three or more jobs in the nation.

Julian Starr, a respected micronation veteran has outlined three conditions for any such new confederacy that most every nation that would be invited to join could respect. These conditions are:

1. The confederacy must not be Tymaria;
2. The member states must all have the right to secede; and
3. The member states would share common institutions.

The mere reference to Tymaria has concerned many micronationalists and their micronations at the possibility of the success of any new confederacy. Most are skeptical and do not believe that the proposal will amount to anything considering the horrible failure that is Tymaria. The Atteran Imperial Government stated that it will not be party to the discussions that may be held to further the confederacy plan, nor will it even consider joining Attera to any confederacy in the near future.

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