A Simulated World within a Simulated World

A project initiated by Gotzborg’s Royal Chancellor, Princess Julia, aims to produce a simulated daily life for Gotzborg’s citizenry within the popular The Sims 2 game from Electronic Arts.

The project is part of an unspecified challenge undertaken by the Princess and will feature Gotzborg’s citizens’ progressing through the stages of a simulated life. According to the Princess, “if you don’t have children, I forewarn you that you will,” noting that this will be a vital stage in the challenge.

So far, the majority of Gotzborg’s citizens have joined in on the project, providing their physical descriptions, as well as those of spouses, children, and pets, to have characters created in their name.

A weblog is being maintained to convey updates, including images of the characters generated for each citizen and relations. Images of the offline wives of some prominent Gotzborg citizens, including that of the Queen, have already provoked some “racy” comments from the peanut gallery.

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