ABCC Poll: 80% of Alexandrians hold “negative” opinions of Paulovia

Geneva, Alexandria; The Genevan Arrow – Over the last few days, the Kingdom of Paulovia, the Empire of the Alexandrians and the Viking Empire of Stormark butted heads over the fate of the territories that once belonged to the Royal Kingdom of Gotzborg.

In the midst of the crisis, the ABCC conducted a poll in Jardins de Lautray, the Alexandrian citizens-only forum, where 10 Alexandrian citizens (out of 13 that responded to last census) regarding how Alexandrians viewed their Paulovian neighbors.

ABCC asked: What is your opinion on the Kingdom of Paulovia?

[ 0 ] [0.00%]
Indifferent [ 2 ] [20.00%]
Negative [ 8 ] [80.00%]
Total Votes: 10

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