Abrupt Closure of Gotzborg Shocks Community

It began as an email to Gotzborg’s King August Charles II concerning outstanding business at His Royal Majesty’s Office in Lonenberg, and ended with the closure of the respected and well-known micronation’s forums and website.

Citing that in the past number of months that he has neither the “time [nor] inclination to commit to my duties [in Gotzborg]”, His Royal Majesty announced the closure of Gotzborg, effectively ending the micronation’s existence. With the recent low-activity levels of the Royal Government and nation as a whole due to macronational constraints on the part of its population, the decision to place Gotzborg into a hiatus was made with the intention that it was better to place the project on hold rather than see it descend into greater inactivity and go the way of most micronations in history.

The move was supported by the senior members of the Royal Government, despite the initial disbelief caused by the move. That disbelief was echoed throughout the community. John Darcy, a recent immigrant to Gotzborg under the Gotzborg-Anthelia Annexation Agreement, noted that the move was “out of character for August Charles and so wasteful (of the accomplishments of the micronation)” and that His Royal Majesty should have “abdicated and allowed his loyal subjects to continue the Kingdom.” Liam Sinclair, who had been the King’s Counsellor and one of the most senior members of the Gotzborg government, countered with a stern statement that “Gotzborg will not be continuing on without the consent of its King and creator.”

The announcement also spelt the end of the Novasolum Pact, with the Empire of Alexandria affirming its intention to leave the multilateral agreement (that was reduced to a bilateral agreement between Alexandria and Paulovia with the closure of Gotzborg). Augusto Benavides, who negotiated the Novasolum Pact on behalf of Alexandria in 2005, stated that “Paulovia is not the best ally we can get, they have been kind enough to follow protocol and maintain a good diplomatic relation, but they have never gone that extra mile for Alexandria, even when we offered some extraordinary deals.”

With this event, many of its prominent citizens have taken the option of retirement from micronationalism, though most have expressed individual desires to return to the nation should it ever leave its hiatus. As for such an event occurring, His Royal Majesty has not ruled out a restart of the micronation in the future; however, he declined to provide a timeline.

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