Aerlig Elections Finally to take place

For the first time since Aerlig’s first parliament sat almost eight months ago after the nation suffered a horrible offline period due to hosting problems, parliamentary elections will finally take place. Before the upcoming election, scheduled for May 29/2003 and May 30/2003, there was never enough candidates to fill all the seats in parliament. With registration ending today, Aerlig has seven of its citizens competing for the five parliamentary seats available – the first “real” election in recent Aerligish history. The nation itself has seen incredible activity in the past month with the arrival of new citizens and the commencement of new endeavours. This activity has dwarfed other micronations, which are suffering from the usual summer time slow down in participation. The candidates in the upcoming election in Aerlig are as follows:

The Aerlig Democratic National Party
Lachlan Powers [incumbent – Prime Minister]
Alex Lide [incumbent – Deputy Prime Minister]

Aerlig National Party
Subhadip Sen [incumbent]
Jouker Sendler

Wyatt Vaught
Liam Sinclair [served in earlier parliaments]
Kurt Vonnegut sr.

The Aerlig Democratic National Party is expected to announce its party platform for this election later this week.

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