Aerlig Elects Twelfth Parliament

Elections have concluded in the Republic of Aerlig for its twelfth parliament and there is no clear winning political party. The powerhouse of Aerlish politics, the Expansionist Party, which ran four of the seven candidates to compete in the election, came up short of retaining power by one seat, having only two of its candidates elected. The two longest serving members of the Aerlish Parliament, Lachlan Powers and Joe Sendler, will return to the house for the upcoming session.

It is unclear who will become the next prime minister of Aerlig. As no party has a clear majority in the house, the prime minister will be chosen by a vote of the Parliament from amongst its elected members. Peter Krembs has announced his intention to compete for the position, and it is unclear whether or not incumbent Prime Minister Carson Smith will be seeking the position following his election as governor of the state of Auelrict.

Parliamentarians Elected (official results released 10 Jun, 02:14 Aerlish time)
Expansionist Party (XP) – Lachlan Powers, Dugobert Wurmser
Labour Party – Peter Krembs
Aerlig National Party – Joe Sendler
Independent – Carson Smith
Not Elected – Iain de Vembria (XP), Jayce Adryn (XP)

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