Alexandria-Babkha relationship chills

The cordial relationship between Alexandria and Babkha has taken on a sour note over the status of the Imperial Kingdom of Hatay, which was formed earlier this year by a group of former Babkhans resident in the original Satrap of Hatay. The Kingdom of Hatay, under the guidance of its founder Angel Davis, entered into a close-knit alliance with Alexandria and Stormark last week.

Alexandria has been accused by Babkha’s Grand Vizier, Hesam Jahandar, of violating treaty obligations by entering into agreements with a “schismatic group that claims Hatay.” The treaty between Alexandria and Babkha includes mutual defence obligations that have been violated, according to Jahandar, by Alexandria’s ongoing relationship with Hatay, who are classified by the Babkhan government as a security threat.

No official response has been given to the communiqué by the Alexandrian government, and it is likely that the protest will be brushed aside given that Ms. Davis is Alexandria’s empress, and macronationally, is considered “like a sister” by Alexandria’s Emperor Edgard Carrillo. Though the Alexandrian government is currently silent on the issue, the incident has provoked parliamentarian Lysander Spooner to propose a bill that will see Alexandria nullify its various treaty alliances.

The notion of ending its alliance with Stormark and Hatay is unlikely to provoke much support in Alexandria, given that the three micronations are virtually intertwined through Carrillo’s and Davis’ citizenships in each micronation, as well as the personal friendship enjoyed by the three heads of state (Carrillo, Davis, and Harald Thorstein).

Meanwhile, in Babkha, the Vizier of Foreign Affairs and brother to Edgard, Enrique Carrillo  has been demoted out of cabinet. Talking to the Standard, Jahandar called the demotion an unrelated matter. The new Vizier is Tahmaseb Farshbaf.


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