Alexandria Bids Economy Adieu

Never able to truly stand on its own two feet, Alexandria’s current economic system has died without fanfare, after more than a year of struggles. The Economic Shutdown Act was approved unanimously by the Imperial Parliament on May 27 and is awaiting Royal Assent from the Emperor, who is widely expected to grant the Act that authority.

The Act confesses that the economic simulation in Alexandria, in contrast to some of its former Novasolum treaty partners’ economies, “never worked properly” despite the efforts and time invested in it. Further, the many Acts passed by the parliament to make the simulation successful have all failed. The Minority Leader in Parliament, Matthieu Poiters, solemnly stated, “at this point in time, I support the idea of shutting [the economy] down,” though he hopes that in the near future the economic simulation will be able to be re-activated.

Fellow Parliamentarian, Augusto Benavides, called for alternative measures to be explored. Benavides noted that “[Alexandria] must find the right person to lead these [institutions] and create the [environment] in which enterprises will be attracted to either open business or invest in our Empire.”

In the end, however, despite his reservations, Benavides voted with four other parliamentarians to approve the Act. Once royal assent is promulgated, all economic-related forums will be archived.

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