Alexandria condemns Katyushan missile test, readies response

Geneva, Alexandria; ABCC News – The Ministry of Foreign Affairs today released a statement regarding the recent firing of a Katyushan test intercontinential precision missile, after it was confirmed by the Ministry of Defense that the launch indeed took place. “The Empire of the Alexandrians will do whatever it can to ensure the peace, stability and security of its territories and its allies,” stated the Foreign Ministry. “The Ministry of Defense, in coordination with other security institutions, are more than prepared to respond to any and all security threats from the Katyushan Federation.”

The Foreign Ministry also commended the Kingdom of Lovely and the Ocian Federation for also condemning the missile test. The Kingdom of Lovely responded to the missile test much more harshly, launching a military operation called Operation APPRAISAL and by declaring a state of war between Katyusha and Lovely. Raids across the Katyushan border by the Lovely Royal Air Force have begun, and a suspected missile facility in Katyusha was also attacked by Lovely.

No formal Alexandrian military response has been announced, and the Foreign Ministry has sent an ambassador to Katyusha to keep diplomatic communications channels between both nations open.


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