Alexandria slowly wakes from slumber

Geneva, Alexandria; ABCC News – Over the last several weeks, micronations around the hobby have been struggling with keeping activity high. Alexandria was not an exception to the crisis, having suffered a crippling bout of extremely low activity these last few weeks. However, some government officials believe that Alexandria might finally be waking up from its slumber. “Citizens are returning, and we have seen post count increase dramatically over these last few days,” said Eva Fernandez, MP for Baudrix and former Home Secretary. “I think this is the beginning of a possible recovery, if we play our cards right.”

His Imperial Majesty’s Government has been working hard to rebuild Alexandria and fight the inactivity as well as recouperating its position in Micras as one of the major world powers. This week alone, the Emperor signed a treaty with the Kingdom of Valencia, and made several trips to Valencia, Batavia and Stormark to reignite dialogue and cooperation between former allies as well as making new ones. The trip to Batavia included the opening of the Alexandrian embassy there.

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