Alexandria to move its national message boards

Geneva, Alexandria; ABCC News – His Imperial Majesty, the Emperor of Alexandria, issued an Imperial Decree today establishing a timetable for its national message boards to move to a new home. The new message boards, located in the terabyte of national web space that the Government bought last summer, feature new legal research tools such as a Registrar of Acts and a Registrar of Imperial Decrees. The new message boards also feature the return of the Alexandrian Roman Catholic Church, under the leadership of His Eminence Francis Camillus Puccis, the newly appointed Archbishop of Geneva.

All provincial fora, the High Court of Justice and the Imperial Parliament will officially move to the new forums beginning Friday May 30th. The rest of the fora will officially move on Monday June 2nd. As a precursor to the decree, all private government fora closed on Sunday, and transitioned over to the new forums last Monday.

New features and tools will continue to pop-up as the new national forums continue to develop and grow. Government officials now enjoy of a new database of templates and draft government documents to be used in their respective Government departments. Also on the works will be a revival of the University of Geneva, and the creation of a Imperial Legal Institute for the study of Alexandria’s law.

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