Alexandrian Conservatives Kick Off First Convention

On the heels of last week’s rally, party chairman Matthieu Poiters has opened up the Alexandrian Conservative Party’s convention in the city of Los Santos. The convention will see speeches from several famed conservatives, ratify a new party constitution, and decree a new political platform. Ending with the election of a leader for the party, the convention is hoped to breathe new life into the oldest, and arguably the most historically successful, political party in Alexandria following a year of poor performance on the national stage.

Invoking the ghosts of the party’s predecessor, the Monarchist-Coalition Party, Poiters touted that the Conservatives have “brought stability to our Empire and provided the needed reform to make us better, and stronger.” Referring to past accomplishments, such as a “360 degree” change in Alexandria’s foreign policy, the creation of various economic policies, citizenship reforms, and being the only party to provide judicial reforms, Poiters branded his party as having a record of caring about the average Alexandrian. According to Poiters, the Conservative Party is one whose agenda has “never gone unnoticed,” and that his party ensures that Alexandria’s governments “are run smoothly.”

The convention continues next with the review and implementation of a new party constitution. One of the most awaited events will be a keynote address from Mr. Jacques Gordon, who served as prime minister during the days of the Monarchist-Coalition Party, after the new platform is adopted. Stay with The Standard for continuing coverage of the convention.

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