Alexandrian constitutional convention closer to Constitution

Geneva, Alexandria; ABCC News – With the opening of the Chamber of Citizens late in April, Alexandrian citizens have a chance to directly participate in the drafting and ratification of the new Constitution. The Chamber has been debating diligently, with many citizens participating actively in the process. The Chamber has been revising the Alexandrian Constitution of 2005, and has moved to remove the electoral reforms that led to the creation of an Electoral College to elect the First Consul, as well as the separate election of said office.

According to the current draft, the First Consul would be appointed by the Emperor from the largest party or coalition in Parliament. “We must move away from using an Electoral College and towards a much simpler system. I believe that we should only hold one election for both Parliament and the First Consul,” stated Juan Ciervo during the debate. It was Mssr. Ciervo who authored several amendments throughout the Constitution to bring reform. The First Consul, Rt. Hon. Jean Carmicheal, also proposed several amendments. Both sets of amendments were passed by the Chamber, which is now moving to consider more.

“I am optimistic about the new Constitution,” said Speaker of the Chamber, Pierre Guigou. “The members of the Chamber have been working hard and have shown a great deal of decorum and civility for what is the most important debate in Alexandrian politics. I hope to see the Constitution ratified very soon.”

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