Alexandrian election threatened by inactivity slump

Geneva, Alexandria; ABCC News – As mandated by the Imperial Constitution, Prime Minister Jose Frias issued a writ of election effectively ending the 4th Parliament of Alexandria, allowing for parliamentary elections to occur. This time, the parliamentary elections in Alexandria coincided with a massive activity slump in micronationalism, and Alexandria has been subjected to some of the inactivity that is affecting nations like Shireroth and Anthelia.

“It is good to see that despite the general inactivity slump in micronationalism, we still carry on and allow democracy to march in our nation, ” said the Emperor to the Genevan Arrow. “However, it’s important that the citizens remain committed and participate in a democracy, if we are to continue to have one.” Sources from within Wesloderia have commented that there are discussions within the Imperial Cabinet on what course to take should the election fail to gather momentum.

So far since the issuing of the writ by PM Frias, three candidates have stepped forward to run for the provincial seats of Asuncion, Valenciennes and Ibelin. Jean Pierre Robespierre has formally filed papers as an independent candidate, further evidencing the apparent split within the Alexandrian Conservatives over issues such as Alexandrian membership in Novasolum. According to the most recent ABCC poll released today, the Alexandrian Conservatives still garner 57% of the popular support. However, most of their MP’s are either inactive, filed papers as Independents or are declining to run. This could destroy the Conservative super-majority that was built by Prime Minister Frias last election.

Geneva Arrow/ABCC Poll – October 2nd – 5th, 2006
What party will you vote for in the October 2006 elections?

Alexandrian Conservative – 57.14% (4 votes)
People’s Democratic Party – 14.29% (1 vote)
Alexandrian Anti-Party – 14.29% (1 vote)
None of the above – 14.29% (1 vote)

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