Alexandrian empress resigns from micronation

Empress Angel Davis caught the Alexandrian community by surprise earlier this afternoon with the announcement of her intended resignation from all positions, effective November 9, 2007. While the reasons behind the resignation are mostly personal, the Empress did state, “A small part has to do with my being completely tactless and my inability to suck another nation’s balls whenever they try to flex their muscle at someone. I am also apparently banning people at random [from the Alexandrian’s forums] and over-reacting to arguments … [it] isn’t fair to the rest of you.”

It is unclear what circumstances provoked the resignation, and whether it continues to be effectual given that the topic has since been deleted from the Alexandrian forums.


Ms. Davis has posted a similar resignation notice in the Viking Empire of Stormark, where she is also Empress. According to her resignation speech in that micronation, she has decided to leave micronationalism due to the recent tensions with Babkha over the status of the Imperial Kingdom of Hatay. Ms. Davis believes that Babkha’s government “will not allow me to enjoy this hobby, and that they are taking things to a whole new level of seriousness [over Hatay], instead of just having fun.” As that resignation notice remains in effect, it is believed that the resignation post made to the Alexandrian forums has been deleted or moved by government officials.

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