Alexandrian government overthrown, replaced with new

Geneva, Alexandria; ABCC News – The Empire of the Alexandrians today sunk into the midst of a civil war today between the Imperial Government and the rebels of the Alexlibre Terrorist group who have been performing horrible terrorist attacks in major cities of Alexandria like Edgardia, Geneva, Kettle and Franciscania. This comes as the country is involved in one of the biggest military disasters of its history and as approval ratings for the government plummeted to near 10% within the last few weeks of fighting. The abortive invasion of Arminy has sent these numbers into an all time low.

After eight hours of fighting in the capital, the terrorist guerillas captured the capital and within hours, they recieved news that all of the major cities within the Empire had fallen to the guerillas. Soon, news leaked out that the Palace of Wesloderia was captured and that the Emperor of Alexandria, Edgard II, was forced to abdicate. He remains in house arrest in the grand palatial complex in Wesloderia along with his family. Soon after the news leaked out, at precisely 1:35 pm, Alexandria time, the ABCC broadcasted footage of the leaders of the massive national revolt against the Imperial government. “We are hereby proclaiming the Islamic Republic of Sennar, and we are placing a new illustrious, great leader to lead our country out of its misery!”

More developments will be published as they happen.

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