Alexandrian Government shaded with the Conservative blue

Geneva, Alexandria; Genevan Arrow – The Conservative Party, capitalizing in the unpopularity of Prime Minister Pete James and the Alexandrian Amelioration Party, managed to score an incredible electoral victory in this month’s general elections.

The Alexandrian Conservative Party managed to recapture the Prime Ministry and Parliament for the first time since July of last year. Jose Frias was elected Prime Minister once more, defeating Prince Augusto of Corcovado with a large majority. The Conservatives also managed to capture almost every seat in Parliament except the traditionally liberal Valenciennes, who was won by the Alexandrian Amelioration Party.

Upon his swearing-in, Prime Minister Jose Frias addressed the Alexandrian people in an inaugural address, saying “I pledge to serve the people of Alexandria with the best of my abilities, and to work with my fellow parliamentarians in passing the legislative agenda I have outlined for my term.” The Prime Minister’s agenda includes the reintroduction of a national economy, betterment of relations with the Kingdom of Novasolum and constitutional reforms that will extend the length of Parliaments in Alexandria.

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