Alexandrian Government Steals Opposition’s Thunder

The Alexandrian governing party, which holds a supermajority in the Imperial Parliament, has renamed itself from the “Alexandrian Anti-Party” to the “Alexandrian Amelioration Party,” and in the process, has stolen the thunder from its main opposition, the Conservative Party whose national convention has fizzled out before barely getting underway.

Amelioration: the act of improvement is the catchword for the party’s new chair, Jacques de Beaufort, who released a new party constitution and named the sitting prime minister, Peter James, as his deputy. The constitution, noting that Alexandria is a significant power on both of the Micronational Cartography Society and Geographical Standards Organization world map projects, calls for Alexandria to engage in external interventionism, while encouraging a more active Alexandria internally. According to party insiders, a new political platform is also under development.

With its reinvention and rumours of a new platform, the governing party is eclipsing the struggling Conservatives who began their national convention last weekend in the hope of renewing their party. That convention has died-down after the welcoming speech of party chair Matthieu Poiters back on 18 May, with no word on when it will continue. In the meantime, the Amelioration Party is cementing its foothold on the micronation’s governing mechanisms and public without any significant opposition.

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