Alexandrian Parliament amends Imperial Constitution

Geneva, Alexandria; ABCC NewsThe Alexandrian Imperial Parliament unanimously moved towards amending the Imperial Constitution to eliminate two seats. These seats were established by the original draft of the Alexandrian Constitution of 2005. One was reserved for a member of the judiciary, which was to be appointed by the Prime Minister. The other seat was devoted to a Catholic scholar, appointed by the Emperor.

The Balance of Powers Amendment, as the bill that amended the constitution was called, recently received Imperial Assent and was made part of the supreme law of the land. The effort to “restore the balance of powers” was led by Lord Chief Justice Juan Ciervo, who was the first and now the only member of the judiciary to serve in the eliminated seat.

Lord Chief Justice Ciervo was appointed to the seat by Prime Minister Jose Frias, ending months of vacancy since the Constitution was ratified in December 1, 2005. The preceding Prime Minister, Matthieu Poitiers, refused to appoint a member of the judiciary to this seat in opposition to the concept. The other seat, previously held by Jean Michel Leclerc, remained vacant since the departure of Leclerc in March of 2006.

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