Alexandrian Parliament Criticized as Ineffective

Nearly halfway into its term, the Imperial Parliament has been criticized by a top Alexandrian pundit after the body has been unable to organize itself. The pundit, Jean Michel Leclerc, has called for the dissolution of the parliament by Emperor Edgard II and the holding of new elections as soon as possible, noting that Alexandria “cannot allow for [its] most [important] organ of state to simply wilt and die through its Members’ inactivity.”

Since being sworn into office at the end of July, the Imperial Parliament has only been able to agree on an organizing resolution, which was passed under the chair of Matthieu Poiters and named Felix Cavendish as the Speaker for the session. During his period as speaker, Mr. Cavendish failed to appear in the Imperial Parliament, and crucial legislation in the hopper, as well as the formalizing of the Frias’ Cabinet, has been left untouched. In an attempt to find an active speaker, Mr. Cavendish was dismissed for inactivity and Juan Ciervo chosen as his replacement yesterday. Yet, even with the new speaker appointment, it appears that the Imperial Parliament has lost the confidence of the Alexandrian population due to its inaction.

It is unclear as to whether the Emperor will dissolve parliament in favour of new elections or wait to see if the embattled chamber can recover under the leadership of Speaker Ciervo. What is clear, however, is that the heart of Alexandria has found itself broken and bruised with a steep uphill climb to legitimacy ahead of it.

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