Alexandrian Parliament Dissolved; New Elections Called

In Alexandria, an embarrassingly inactive Imperial Parliament has resulted in a state of emergency, the dissolution of the chamber and a writ for new elections. The move by Emperor Edgard II comes on the heels of strong criticism of the Parliament’s performance by several Alexandrians, as well as a call for new elections by the Speaker of the Imperial Parliament.

For much of the last week, the inactivity of the Alexandrian Parliament has been a major concern for the citizenry. In an informal poll of the citizens, nine of thirteen respondents are of the opinion that the Parliament in “ineffective,” with several prominent Alexandrians calling for the dissolution. In a public statement yesterday, the Speaker of the Imperial Parliament, Juan Ciervo, proclaimed that he had come to the realization that regardless of his efforts, “too many of the current [members of Parliament] are inactive and … the time has come for this Parliament to be dissolved and new elections held.” Prince Enrique Carrillo echoed the need for new elections, noting that Parliament is “Alexandria’s heart and … without a heart [it will] die.”

John Carmichael, the Chief Justice, tried in recent days to divert attention away from the ailing institution, by attempting to focus blame on provincial development in Valenciennes. The province has implemented a successful parliamentary institution and boasts a large active population at the moment. The situation in Valenciennes, according to the Chief Justice, “makes a mockery of Alexandria.” Jean Michel Leclerc, Valenciennes’ First Minister, dismissed the criticism in his local opinion column and accused the Chief Justice of breeching his impartiality through “attacking the federalist agenda.”

Following the recommendation of the Speaker, as well as Prime Minister Jose Frias, the Emperor has dissolved Parliament today, under the authority of a state of emergency, in an attempt to prevent the inactivity in the Imperial Parliament from threatening the “survival of the Realm.” The new elections will provide an opportunity for renewal in the chamber, though there is no guarantee that they will rectify the inactivity problems. Those elections will be held from September 27 to October 1.

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