Alexandrian Prime Minister Election a Three-Way Race

November’s prime ministerial election in the Empire of the Alexandrians, set to begin on the 22nd, has quickly become a three-way race early in the nominating period. With nominations scheduled to close on 14 November, the current candidates include incumbent Jose Frias (Alexandria Conservative Party), Peter James (Alexandria Anti-Party) and Juan Ciervo (People’s Democratic Party).

The popularity of the Alexandria Conservative Party in opinion polls leading up to this month’s parliamentary elections, and his experience in the position, has placed Frias as the frontrunner in this election. Despite the popularity in opinion polls, the conservative party performed dismally in the parliamentary elections, picking up just one seat out of the six elected. It may yet be that Frias has to work much harder than intended to retain his position as the nation’s prime minister.

Of the three declared candidates at this time, only one, Ciervo, is pro-Novasolum. With recent tensions between Paulovia and Gotzborg, and the impending end of Anthelian sovereignty, signaling the decline of Novasolum, it remains unclear whether Alexandria’s next government will continue participation in the regional community as no candidate has announced a detailed electoral platform to date. The last parliament, in which the three declared candidates were members, was evenly split twice-over in voting on a bill to withdraw from Novasolum.

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