Alexandrian Prime Minister Will Not Seek Re-Election

Alexandrian Prime Minister Pete James has announced that he will not seek re-election in the upcoming prime ministerial election. The move, while unexpected, was not surprising given recent efforts in the Imperial Parliament on the part of the Conservative Party, whose “Alexandrian Commitment Bill” was targeted at the Prime Minister. That bill, still under debate, aimed to prevent any person who held a head of state or government position outside of Alexandria (as Mr. James does) from becoming its prime minister.

According to Mr. James, his rationale for the move is that he needed a break from life as a parliamentarian in Alexandria, and that he intends to concentrate his activities in the micronation elsewhere. Mr. James said that he is “proud of the level of debate generations by the [current] Imperial Parliament,” of which he was a member.

Nominations for prime ministerial candidates opened just minutes ago and are currently underway until July 9, with the Conservative Party putting forth Jose Frias for the position. Mr. Frias formerly held the prime ministry prior to Mr. James’ and has achieved a popular support-base in that role. Mr. James’ party, the Amelioration Party, has yet to announce its nomination as of press time. Nominations for the next Imperial Parliament are also now open, marking a first in Alexandrian history as both national elections will occur in the same month.

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