Alexandrian Speaker Resigns; On Extended Leave

Jacques de Beaufort, the Speaker of the Imperial Parliament, has announced his resignation from the position just weeks before the next parliamentary election. The resignation comes as Mr. de Beaufort prepares to leave for Germany on an extended leave-of-absence, which will remove him from active Alexandrian life until February 2008.

In a statement to the Imperial Parliament, de Beaufort cited an “exhausting macronational schedule” as his reason for taking an extended leave of absence given that that schedule involves final exams followed soon after by his university exchange programme posting to Germany. Reflecting on the current sitting of parliament, Mr. de Beaufort said, “We may have not passed many laws, but the ones we did [were] with a gentlemanly and conscious debate. Therefore, I congratulate all of you.”

A newly appointed Clerk of the Imperial Parliament will fill the void left by the resignation for the remainder of the Seventh Parliament sitting. In Parliament, Mr. de Beaufort’s appointed the member for San Martin, Matthieu Poiters, to hold the position. The Clerk will be responsible for completing the duties of the Speakership, and overseeing the selection of a new Speaker following this month’s election.

Mr. de Beaufort also resigned his position as Provincial Prefect for Ibelin and has nominated Paul Joyce to serve as his replacement.

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