Alexandrian Suspicion Provokes Rocky Start to Relationship

Alexandrian suspicious of all things Anthelian has resulted in a turbulent start to its relationship with the Kingdom of Novasolum, which was founded last week as a micronation primarily aimed at bringing back together former Gotzers and Anthelians. Alexandria’s foreign minister has charged that Novasolum’s King has attempted to incite rebellion within the micronation, causing a unexpected hiccup in relations.

The rocky history of suspicion and dislike conveyed by Alexandria against Anthelia began last year when the latter would not provide military or moral support to the former in a dispute with Lovely. At the time, Alexandria called for support from its Novasolum treaty partners under the agreement’s mutual defence clause, to which Anthelia declared the treaty inapplicable as Alexandria had been the aggressor in its view. The incident caused a split in opinion of the Alexandrian people on the viability of being a part of the Novasolum treaty, with Alexandria’s healthier relationship with Gotzborg being one of the major reasons as to why it remained in the regional community. With Gotzborg placed on hiatus in April, Alexandria quickly backed-out of its treaty obligations calling it no longer a benefit to the Empire.

Despite Anthelia’s annexation by Gotzborg in February, and its long history of inactivity in the months prior to the annexation, Alexandria was never able to forget the actions of Anthelia. Some Alexandrians continue to claim that the Novasolum treaty was nothing more than an Anthelian attempt to take power over the other Novasolum micronations (Anthelia was the micronation that spurred development of the Novasolum continent, then on the Micronational Cartography Society world map, and subsequent treaty).

This suspicion rebounded with the founding of the Kingdom of Novasolum by former Anthelian president, and Novasolum architect, John Darcy, who has very little of a fan-base in Alexandria (though the citizenship-base of Novasolum is largely Gotzer in origin, with only one former Anthelian – the King). In the decree forming the Kingdom, King John called for “all the good people of Novasolum” to join the newly founded Kingdom, to which Alexandria cried foul. Alexandria’s foreign minister, Prince Enrique Carrillo, in a communication to the Novasolumites, claimed that such wording was an attempt to invoke rebellion in Alexandria’s provinces on the continent of Novasolum.

Novasolum’s minister for external affairs, Hugh O’Neill dismissed the concern, calling it “self-evident” that the founding decree of the Kingdom referred to the “foremost political communities indigenous to the continent of Novasolum” – those being Gotzborg, Anthelia, and Paulovia, as the bulk of Alexandria’s territories are not located on the continent. Minister O’Neill continued his rebuke of the Alexandrian foreign minister, expressing disappointment at Alexandria’s “myopic” attitude and claiming that Alexandria’s belief that Novasolum could be the source of a rebellion in its provinces shows how little faith the Alexandrian government has in its own citizens. According to the Minister, Novasolum has no desire to enter into a treaty with Alexandria in light of the charges of Prince Enrique, noting that the charge appears to the “untutored eye” as nothing more than an attempt by Alexandria’s government to generate an incident on “spurious grounds.”

Alexandria’s foreign minister has yet to issue a response to the Novasolum communiqué.

1 thought on “Alexandrian Suspicion Provokes Rocky Start to Relationship

  1. John Darcy is considered to be Novasolum’s architect in this article.

    I would like to remind the author that it was:
    – I, holding the office of foreign minister of Anthelia in 2005, who sollicited all micronations neighbouring to Anthelia on the MCS-map to engage in diplomatic talks with aimed at adopting a regional treaty.
    – I, still holding that same office, that coined the name “Novasolum” on Anthelia’s ezboard-forum where the above mentioned talks took place.
    – I who almost single handedly drafted both the Novasolum Treaty and the Novapol Treaty, both treaties being accepted by all signatory micronations with no amendments.

    I am used to everything Anthelian being associated with and attributed to John Darcy, despite the fact that I was the last man standing in Anthelia’s last few months. Nonetheless, the Coprieta Standard should try to keep its fact straight.

    Yours sincerely,

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