Alexandrians pay respect to fallen leaders

Funeral procession through Geneva.

The bodies of First Consul Sebastian Dev, Third Consul Jean Carmicheal, and the Mayor of Bouvet arrived from Ibelin today after the investigation into the attacks of Bouvet were finally concluded. The Mayor of Bouvet and the First Consul were killed almost instantly in the blast, while the Third Consul was in critical condition until his death three days ago.

The bodies arrived this morning to Francis Joseph III International Airport in Geneva, on board of His Imperial Majesty’s personal airplane. Members of the immediate families, the Imperial Family and the caretaker First Consul Jacques Reynaud were onboard. The procession set off from the airport through the city of Geneva, arriving at the lobby of the Palace of the Tuileries. Hundreds of thousands of Alexandrians lined the streets of Geneva, with many wearing black and purple. The First Consul, Third Consul and Bouvet Mayor shall lie in state at the Palace of the Tuileries for the next 48 hours, and citizens and foreigners alike have been allowed to visit to pay their respects to the leaders.

The Palace of the Tuileries serves as the home of the Imperial Assembly of Alexandria, and its lobby has been decorated – carpeted in black, with seats arranged en amphitheatre on each side, filled with military guard. Pillars around the lobby and rotunda  hung black draperies with silver borders and deep silver fringe, a large lustre hanging in the center of each, shining lights against the dark draperies. On each side of the pillars were large purple flags with mosaics of golden eagles all over. Purple banners hang from all over.

It has been reported that an honor previously given only to members of the House of Carrillo shall be given to the deceased – from 6:30 pm until midnight tonight, they shall be guarded by members of the Imperial Family themselves. The Palace of Wesloderia has confirmed that the Emperor, the Dauphin, Prince Harald and Princess Andrea shall stand guard in the state funeral, representing the Carrillo family.

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