Alexandrians recall Spooner

A recall petition begun by John Carmichael has been successful in removing Ibelin’s Member of Parliament, Lysander Spooner, from office after eight of thirteen Alexandrians voted in favour of the controversial move. The recall was initiated by Mr. Spooner refusing to turn over to the Imperial Government controversial documents concerning potential threats to Alexandrian national security.

In a defiant statement to the Standard, Mr. Spooner characterised the recall as “illegal” and “perpetuated by the foes of Alexandria” against a “Patriotic member of Parliament.” He went on to state that the “recall was prescribed as one of the tactics by the fifth column as described by various intelligence reports received/released” by his office. Those intelligence reports have been met with scepticism by some Alexandrians, and at least one of the alleged foreign conspirators, in conversation with the Standard, claims that any threats against Alexandria within the documents was planted by Mr. Spooner to create controversy. Mr. Spooner maintains that the documents outline a genuine conspiracy against the Alexandrian state.

Refusing to concede defeat, he also promised to seek the creation of a “province-in-exile” if any move is made to force him from the Imperial Parliament. Mr. Spooner reiterated that he is loyal to the Emperor and that any such province would remain a part of the Empire.

Sebastien Alexandre, who admitted voting against the recall, encouraged Mr. Spooner to move beyond this event, stating, “In this game you have lost, and I would advise you to accept it, learn from it … and look towards the future.”

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