Alexandria’s economy taking a turn to the left

Geneva, Alexandria; ABCC News – With recent nationalizations and creations of government-owned corporations, it is visible that the current National Unity Government, led by First Consul Conservative Jose Frias and Deputy First Consul Socialist Valeria Gonzales, has taken a turn to the left in order to trigger the economic development of the country.

The recent trend to the left began with the nationalization of the previously undeveloped oil and natural gas resources in Alexandria with the creation of Pétrole et Gaz d’Alexandria, also known as PetroAlex. The company recently announced the construction of its headquarters, as well as the implementation of regulations that firmly established government ownership of the company.

Today, His Imperial Majesty the Emperor published a Decree establishing the Société Générale d’Alexandrie, a large Crown Corporation with several subsidiaries, effectively nationalizing several sectors of the Alexandrian economy ranging from electricity generation and distribution to lending.

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