Amelioration Party Routed in Elections

Following a period of stagnation, the Conservative Party roared back into political relevancy in Alexandria with a rout of the rival Amelioration Party. The Conservatives took the prime ministry and all-but-one seat in the Imperial Parliament. The Amelioration Party managed to hold Valenciennes, where its star candidate, Richard Andelarion, faced no competition.

The fall of the Amelioration Party was expected following what many saw as weak leadership from its outgoing prime minister, Pete James, in combination with the party fielding only one candidate for Parliament. The party’s candidate against Conservative Jose Frias for the prime ministry, Augusto Benavides, conceded to Mr. Frias “you are indeed the right person to loose against.” Mr. Frias defeated Mr. Benavides ten votes to four. Meanwhile, Mr. James has raised the issue of possible voting irregularities by asking the Alexandrian Emperor why the polls for prime minister closed early. According to Mr. James, in a statement to the Standard, “it’s an important issue in as much as eight eligible citizens were deprived of the right to vote and that could have changed the result of the election.” He went on to stress that he does not seek to change the results of the election.

Now sworn-in as Prime Minister, Mr. Frias gave an inaugural address praising Mr. Benavides for conducting himself with “honor [sic], respect, and grace.” Speaking of his Government’s intentions, the Prime Minister noted that he holds a keen interest in streamlining Alexandria’s bureaucracy to make it more efficient in serving the population. This will not include the creation of “massive new programs,” but rather will involve the canceling of programs currently in place that “do violence to the Constitution or that have failed their purpose, or that impose on the people an unwarranted burden.” In closing, the Prime Minister called for a “strong Alexandria [that] can work in [sic] the intermicronational stage to promote peace, unity and stability as well as liberty and freedom.”

8th Imperial Parliament – Empire of Alexandria:
(ACP – Alexandria Conservative Party; AAP – Alexandria Amelioration Party)

  • Baudrix – Jean Pierre Robespierre (ACP)
  • Valenciennes – Richard Andelarion (AAP)
  • Ibelin – Jacob Campbell (ACP)
  • Rio Grande – Ronnie Vibora (ACP)
  • San Martin – Matthieu Poitiers (ACP)
  • OTED – Felix Cavendish (ACP)
  • Prime Minister – Jose Frias (ACP)
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