Amerada and Her Future

Editorial by Nicholas Bridgewater.

Amerada is a dream of nation-building, of democracy, of model-government, and simulated populations. Yet it is not confined to strictly territorial borders. It is a community composed of people from many cultures and nations. It exists in people’s minds, and it functions across the vast reaches of cyber-space. This is our community. This is our nation. Is it too much for us to expect it to have freedom and representation for all? If it hopes to be a model of the real or un-simulated world, must it not also guarantee an efficient, democratic and respectable system of government? Why then is it not so?

Amerada is vaguely split into two factions, two persuasions. The first is the massive DLPA which has a firm strangle-hold on all levels of government, and has ruled the country built in the image and controlled design of its founder and chief architect, Earl Andrew Washburn. The second is the Opposition. Despite its small size, the coalition of opposition parties has been the most vocal and the most active group of Ameradian citizens. It has also given a contribution to Amerada that has only to be excelled by Earl Washburn himself. Their small numbers have never held them back from their ultimate goal: a united, a free, a democratic Amerada. Eschewing partisan politics yet forced to work within this system; they have labored to make themselves heard, often against the opposition of the President. They have tried to build colonies, as additional institutions of the Ameradian state, pillars of it’s administrative structure, but their efforts have often been stifled by Presidential interference and a personal ‘interpretation’ of the law.

There is no separate judiciary. It an appendage of the regime, used to occasionally bring absurd cases against citizens who think to freely. Wasn’t Liam Sinclair accused and convicted of terrorism, when the actual “Shadow” hacker was a member of the DLPA? Wasn’t Will Steeves tried for insulting the President? How many times have colonial results been declared void because of the slightest technicality? How many times have votes mysteriously jumped to the favour of the ruling regime?

When it became clear that a legislative house to represent the colonies was necessary, the President reluctantly agreed. Nevertheless, the whole idea was perverted, until it was replaced by the un-democratic idea of a Senate representing the political parties. Despite the opposition of key members within the DLPA itself, and the Prime Minister, the President persisted with this idea? The only justification?

“Since you have failed to show me our future senators, you have left me no choice but to use my idea anyways. Plus, I like my idea, it’s unique and cool. muhahahaha!”

And later, despite the total opposition of everyone to the bill, including the Prime Minister, Earl replied:

“This bill is my bill, and I can choose however I want it when it comes time to vote on it. Since, you have failed to propose anything that would work, you have left me no choice but to keep it the way it is, and have a few adjustments. If it fails, I don’t care; we don’t need a bi-cameral legislature any ways.”

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