Amerada Declares War against South Mondesia

As Babkha, South Mondesia and many other nations were enjoying a fun recreational war in South Mondesia, President Earl Washburn was plotting his next move. Washburn, who is the creator and head of Micro-Monde, has been getting more and more irrational in the past many weeks. This week, he finally snapped, showing how deluded he really is. He declared a real war on South Mondesia solely because SM has decided to join the MCS (Micron – another world map project) in addition to Micro-Monde. Mr. Washburn has evidently said “it’s his way or the highway,” which is also the way he runs Amerada.

Mr. Washburn received widespread condemnation from the micronational world within hours of his declaration of war citing the cause of this war was solely because SM decided to do something Earl doesn’t want – join Micron. This reason has spread fear throughout Micro-Monde and even a well established micronation on Micro-Monde, which shall remain unnamed per their request, told this reporter that they were considering joining Micron as well, but are now too afraid to continue with that plan since Earl may declare war on them. It isn’t so much Earl they are afraid of, it’s his friends in Amerada – who although don’t give a damn about Amerada, would enjoy a bit of fun in creating havoc with their skills.

After day one of the war, South Mondesia started to reduce its spam attacks on Amerada. SM President Peter Little said that Washburn was only looking for attention since Amerada and his other creation – Micro-Monde – are failing. He then ordered that the SMDF pay no more attention to Earl’s pitiful attempts to gain attention and the war has since died out, but it is not officially over as no treaty has been signed.

Amerada’s ally in the Global Military Alliance (GMA), the United Bobessian Republic was pulled into a conflict it did not want to fight under the alliance. Its leader has since opened up talks with South Mondesia on a peace treaty. But the UBR Ezboard forum entitled “Bobessian South Mondesia” has stalled these talks as the UBR has no official control over any SM territory, which it is trying to acquire in the peace talks.

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