Amerada Election Watch: Federal By-Election Continues

The Amerada Legislature By-Election, Riding 08-Mid-Northeast, election is almost half finished and current results, as of Jan 21-1:30pm EST, has MSA candidate, Nick Bridgewater, leading by 2 votes over second place Jon Weatherhead. Nick has 22 votes and Jon has 20 votes. The RCAA and PRP candidates both have one vote each. Once again in this by-election like the last one, the leadership of the RCAA – Peter Little and Liam Sinclair – are putting their votes into the MSA. If Nick does win this election, he will be the first member of the MSA-RCAA coalition elected into the federal legislature.

However, there has been a bad side to this. If Nick does get elected, it has been rumoured that President Washburn will add more of his friends to the Amerada legislature to dilute Nick’s vote from even mattering. Then again, what else would we expect Earl to do?

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