Amerada Enters a Time of Uncertainty

The Republic of Amerada continues to have a difficult time of surviving. Despite defeating revolutionary forces back in March 2003, the Republic has been unable to get its population active again. The problem has been in existence since the Bridgewater administration took power, and Earl Washburn left the nation. While there was never any governmental activity under the Washburn administration, he did contribute a lot to the social activity of the nation. Now the nation lacks both forms of activity. Efforts to get the population regularly active have not been successful, and Washburn’s declaration to the citizens who he attracted that the nation no longer exists did not help the current administration.

One of the primary problems affecting activity throughout Amerada’s history has been that the nation has too much bureaucracy. There have always been many times more government positions than actual citizens. A proposal this week by Liam Sinclair is aimed at reducing the overall government positions so that there’s a better chance to create more activity governmentally by having less positions to compete for. The proposal would take 12 of the 13 colonies (with the capital district not being included) and merge geographically adjacent colonies into a total of 6 provinces. This would effectively half the number of government positions required to be filled. Furthermore, it would promote activity with more than one person competing for the leadership position of a province (since many of the colonies currently have governors). There has yet to be any response on the part of official in the Amerada and colonial government to the idea.

Amerada is widely expected to be all but dead during the summer, especially since President Bridgewater, who is in the process of moving to the United Kingdom, will be offline indefinitely. With no Vice President currently in the administration, the burden of keeping the nation alive rests on the shoulders of Prime Minister MacCallum. While it is hoped that MacCallum may be able to keep the nation alive, all factors are currently pointing to this summer being Amerada’s last.

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