Amerada gets a new President

The first presidential election in Amerada has ended with a change in leadership. President Earl Washburn was defeated by Nick Bridgewater, of the Amerada Anti-Partisan Coalition (AAPC) in the election that ended today.

Just yesterday, the AAPC took a huge 15% lead over Washburn’s party, the Democratic Liberal Party of Amerada (DLPA). Soon after, Washburn began to concede the election to Bridgewater, posting a modified official biography in which he stated that he “was unsuccessful, December 14th 2002 in trying to be Amerada’s first elected President, when he lost to Oh Scotia Governier, Nicholas Bridgewater.” First thought to be an attempt at a sympathy vote by many, those thoughts were quelled by a later post by Washburn in the Presidential Office and the subsequent clearing out of his office.

President Washburn has led the nation since June 2001 when he was appointed to replace outgoing President Weatherhead. The Washburn administration, the first to experience the Amerada opposition, now over a year old, attempted to cling to the status-quo in its policies. It has also suffered from the President’s threats to use his legislature power “to fail any electoral reform,” and if he lost the election he said he would “use all the power I have to make sure it fails.” Due to comments like this, recent rumblings within his party, threaten to tear it apart. We will have to wait and see if he comes through on his threats in the federal legislature. The ex-President plans to focus on getting his colony active in the future. Whether or not he’ll remain as minister of the interior is unclear at this point.

President Bridgewater, the first elected President in the Republic, plans to push through electoral reforms that have been long on the opposition’s docket since it was formed. Bridgewater’s Vice-President, Liam Sinclair, who is the most prominent opposition member who has pushed for electoral reforms, is currently deciding whether or not he will keep the job or give it to another AAPC, or a member of the Social Democratic Party of Amerada (SDPA) with which the AAPC is currently allied with. He said that he will have a decision on that issue when he returns to micronations in early January after the Christmas break. Also on the new President’s agenda are a revised Senate Bill, and Colonial Development Bill, both of which, on the current legislative schedule will not reach debate and vote in the House until summer 2003.

The SDPA members have been the most vocal about the electoral system in the past 48 hours, with long threads being started in the Amerada General forum on the issue. In the end, however, Chief Justice Sinclair of the Supreme Court had to rule that no matter what vote rigging occurs the results of the poll are legally binding. The SDPA started an unofficial vote for the real citizens of Amerada, in which 5 of the 6 who have responded say that they support Bridgewater. The next scheduled election is 2004; however, the upcoming electoral reforms may change the Presidential term, along with the Legislative term, which currently stands at four years.

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