Amerada Prime Ministerial Debate

With the prime ministerial elections, or should we say the DLPA leadership election (as it is officially known since there are no nation wide general elections in Amerada, only an election per riding on an as needed basis), just weeks away, the first, and currently only, debate for the candidates was held earlier tonight.

Of the three candidates for the position, only two showed up to the debate: Matthew McIvor and Chris Donle. The third candidate, Tristan Calvani, was a no show. Mr. McIvor is currently the deputy-Prime Minister under the McCullough regime. He is also the minister of Heritage for the Government of Amerada. Mr. Donle is the chief executive of the Amerada colony known as the North Cerritories.

The debate, moderated by Vice President of Amerada Liam Sinclair, lasted for just over an hour and both candidates were asked multiple questions. The MFP will summarize the response of each candidate to the questions that were asked, since posting the entire transcript would be insanity.

Question 1: Let’s start with a simple question. Why are you running for the position of Prime Minister?

Donle: “Amerada needs bold ideas and bold leadership. I want to be PM to help everyone and make it a place that is held in high respect and regard in the world. Amerada needs a new person at the helm to guide her to her potential.”

McIvor: “Amerada is a great and stable nation. I feel that I have been in the DLPA long enough to become the leader of the party and prime minister of the nation. Amerada needs new ideas and direction and I believe [that] I have them and [that I] can drive Amerada to greater things. I also believe that I can co-operate with the current President and a good working relationship between the two executives is important.”

Question 2: What are each of your plans for the educational system within Amerada?

Donle: “I want to create a national university that will replace Andrew’s College. This will become a centerpiece of a new education system that will educate Amerada’s youth. The [Secretary] of Education will be able to appoint a Chancellor to oversee the development of schools.”

McIvor: “I will keep Andrew’s College while encouraging it to establish ties with other micronational universities. Andrew’s [College] must, however, be reorganized as it is unfunctional (sic) at its present status.”

Question 3: The defensive capabilities of Amerada are a major concern, not to the current government evidently, but to the colonial governments that depend on the protection of the federal government. What will you do to improve Amerada’s military capabilities?

Donle: “Well, first of all, I would introduce sweeping reforms of Amerada’s Armed Forces. I would call for the legislature to pass a law that will allow Amerada to attack in certain instances. A national guard should be established from the current defence force meaning that enlisting of new troops will not be necessary.”

McIvor: “Mark Hickman has been inefficient as Minister of Defence. He must be replaced by an active member of the cabinet. Amerada’s forces should be geared towards self-defence and peacekeeping missions rather than attack [missions]. However, this does not mean [that] I will abolish all strike forces. Amerada must have a potent strike team.”

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