Amerada Prime Ministerial Election Special

Part Two: Chris Donle

This is part two of our three part look at the election platforms of the three Amerada prime ministerial candidates for the upcoming election this month. Our second part reviews the election platform set down by Mr. Chris Donle. The election starts on October 08, 2002 and ends on October 15, 2002.

Chris Donle hasn’t been in Amerada as long as the candidate in our previous report, Mr. McIvor. Donle is currently a member of the Amerada Legislature and is viewed by many to not have a hope in hell of getting elected for the simple fact that his primary nation, the United Bobessian Republic (which he leads), has done nothing with Amerada lately, except declare war in an attempt to overthrow President Washburn. Let’s start with his platform shall we.

1) Start to improve the culture of Amerada. As current Tymarian Culture Minister, I have the experience to start a unique Ameradian culture.

This point is a little vague when you look at it, so we asked Mr. Donle how he would improve Amerada’s culture. He has no real plan for this point, except to hire “what’s his name” from the Sarent Cultural Services, which is now most likely bankrupt and closed down.

2) End (or begin to try to end) the tensions between Tebec and Amerada.

Tensions between Amerada and Tebec? You wouldn’t say. Both governments have their disagreements, but are still able to get along remarkably well despite different stances on most everything. In explaining this point to us, Mr. Donle said, “Well Amerada and Tebec have been at odds for some time. I would try to bring both sides to see if we can hammer out a more permanent plan than just leaving Tebec as an external territory.” Just leaving Tebec as an external territory? Remember Mr. Donle, that it was the Government of Tebec that requested the redefinition from colony to external territory as it wanted to have more independence than offered by the Amerada Government to its colonies. He went on to say, “This is only a [temporary] solution [that] Mr. Washburn’s government has formulated. It’s basically a band-aid and not clear cut resolution to this matter.” The MFP pointed out the error in his knowledge of the subject, but Mr. Donle just said “Ok,” to our message.

3) Improve the economy and nationalize most of the industries.

So far, it’s a tie between Mr. Donle and Mr. McIvor for vague election platform points. According to Donle, his plan for improving the economy of Amerada encompasses giving individuals tax incentives so that they will start more businesses. This platform issue requires more in-depth thinking by the candidate as there is more to the Amerada economy than just businesses. Amerada has a stock market that has, so far, a handful of businesses, but it’s not active. The candidate should have answered “how” he would get the current economic infrastructure active, and then, you can move on to get further businesses to invest in Amerada. A healthy economic structure is the biggest attraction for businesses, not the other way around (more businesses attract a healthy economic structure).

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