Amerada Prime Ministerial Election Special


Part Three: Tristan Calvani

This is the final part of the series dedicated to providing a critique of the electoral platforms of each of the candidates in the Amerada Prime Ministerial Election. The election was delayed by technical problems but is currently underway with Mr. Calvani, the subject of this part, leading with 60% of the vote, and Mr. McIvor with 30% of the vote in second. Calvani’s lead is very surprising as the strongman was thought to be McIvor, however, Calvani brings a fresh, new look to Amerada.

Calvani is a new citizen of Amerada, only having been here for not even a month. As soon as he came, he threw his hat into the race for Prime Minister after he joined the Democratic Liberal Party. Let’s start with that critique:

1) All citizens should take an Oath/Pledge of Allegiance to Amerada. It should include such things as agreement to comply with all ezboard regulations and other Amerada Laws. Also a pledge of loyalty to the Republic. These terms should be adhered by the signer to until he/she applies for removal of citizenship.

Agreeing to the Terms of Service by Ezboard doesn’t need to be taken when a person applies for citizenship. As soon as they open an ezboard account, they have to swear by those terms or they’ll get globally banned. As for the pledge of loyalty, that seems a bit extreme. Forcing an oath of “loyalty” down some people’s mouths may end up alienating them, not to mention that in micronations, such an oath could interfere with the tradition of being in many micronations at once.

2) A list of citizens (available only to other citizens) should be created including ezboard names but not emails unless the citizen has specified otherwise via a form, therefore not infringing human rights.

This idea seems o.k., and I agree that the emails should only be posted for citizens if they want it to. If the government needs to share emails of citizens for census purposes to whichever office is carrying out the census, then it should be done via email. In reality, no emails should be posted on an ezboard or any other discussion board, it just leads to spam, which we all hate with a passion.

3) A bill should be drafted outlining the rights of every citizen.

That’s actually going to be a part of the constitution that will, supposedly, be tabled in January 2003. The idea is good, all he has to do now is get the constitution written.

4) A comprehensive bibliography of all Amerada Legislation, Laws, Acts, proposed Bills and Articles of Law should be made as a epilogue to the forthcoming constitution. Maybe called the “Republic of Amerada, Book of Legislation”.

This idea was mentioned by another candidate, his name escapes me at the moment, or maybe both of the other candidates used this idea too. Well, like I said before, it’s already been done, so, no sense in promising to do something that is already completed. See what happens when you post platforms? Earl does everything that you want to do, lol.

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