Amerada Surrenders to South Mondesia

Since Amerada’s activity in SM has stopped, likewise with South Mondesia’s in Amerada, I hereby declare that the war will be stopped, and I urge peace be brought between our micronations.
(President Earl Washburn, Amerada)

The phony war between South Mondesia and Amerada is over. SM stopped its attacks and ignored Amerada after just one day of real fighting. President Washburn is tired of the war now and has surrendered to South Mondesia. South Mondesia has offered Amerada a lenient deal – the same one the UBR agreed to. The war has lasted for more than a week, with only the one day of actual fighting. Amerada, suffering from South Mondesia and its allies ignoring it, plunged into inactivity during the war. The war first started when President Washburn declared war on South Mondesia for wanting to join the MCS world map project (Micron) and not being interested in Washburn’s world map project – Micro- Monde. It is perhaps too late for Amerada to recover from the blow to its reputation abroad – Washburn’s declaration of war brought widespread condemnation from around the micronational world, including Tymaria and Babkha, two of the most prominent nations in existence.

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