Amerada to Join Tymarian Union?

Just two weeks ago, Amerada and Tymaria were about to go to war over President Washburn’s threat to annex the Tymarian State of Interland if Tymaria did not join Micro-Monde. Now it appears that President Washburn is considering joining Amerada. In an online MSN chat with me, he said that he is considering requesting admittance to Tymaria because of internal problems with his government. We all know what these internal problems are of course – none of the DLPA government members with the exception of one or two are actually interested in Amerada or care about their duties to it.

Amerada is based on political parties, however, in Tymaria, there is great emphasis on independents since from the start political parties have not been popular in Tymaria. Not many people would like Amerada’s form of elections, which are easily manipulated by both sides and you can vote as many times as you want in an internet poll by just disconnecting and reconnecting to the internet. This form of elections is used since Earl can manipulate the polls to ensure a victory for his political party, the DLPA. The most accurate way of doing elections – email ballots – is outlawed in Amerada. Tymaria’s elections use email ballots only so there would be some conflict in that aspect if Amerada were to join.

It is also unclear if most Tymarians would really welcome Amerada after the incident with Interland and Micro-Monde. Many Tymarians are still a bit mad at President Washburn for using threats in an attempt to get what he wants. At least Washburn has learned that Tymarians don’t take too well to threats – which are the common method Washburn uses to rule Amerada. On January 22, 2002, after hearing about President Washburn’s consideration that Amerada join Tymaria, his Prime Minister, Derek McCullough, voiced strong opposition to the proposal and Washburn backed down from it. In his newspaper, the Washiawa Post-Citizen, President Washburn has reported that he denies the rumours of joining Tymaria, even though, just 24 hours before he freely admitted that he was considering the possibility.

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