Amerada’s Senate finally opens

After being fought for by “opposition” groups (that is, the political opponents of the DLPA when it was lead by Earl Washburn), Amerada’s first senate came into operation today. Chief Justice Liam Sinclair and President Nick Bridgewater are both pleased at the opening as both have been fighting for an upper house of the federal legislature to represent the colonies and territories of Amerada since they first joined the micronation. The Senate will be chaired by newly appointed Vice-President Tristan Calvani, who was appointed to the position after Sinclair resigned from the legislature and cabinet in Amerada in order to stay on as Chief Justice under the new Supreme Court Act 2003. Every three months, the senate will rotate with each rotation representing five of the fifteen colonies and territories. After nine months, all colonies and territories will have been represented in the Senate at least once. The current senators, and the colonies and territories represented by the 1st Amerada Senate are as follows:

* New Columbia: Matt Dyble (AAPC)
* Tebec: Guy McAllum (SDPA)
* Michswick: Earl Andrew Washburn (GPA)
* Geord & Island: Julian Starr (DLPA)
* Naoufaland: Naoufal Kadhom (GPA)

The first task of the newly opened Senate will come when the treaty of annexation between Amerada and the United Bobessian Republic is tabled before it. The treaty is expected to pass the House of Common Representatives easily, but its fate in the Senate is uncertain as Earl Washburn’s Green Party of Amerada has their only two legislative seats in the Senate and Washburn has vowed to oppose every single piece of legislation Bridgewater tables in spite after losing the Presidential election in December 2002.

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