And there shall be an economy!

© 2005 Royal Kingdom of Gotzborg. All Rights Reserved. Originally published in The Gotzborg Eagle, reproduced under license to Sinclair Publications.

Home Office, Lonenberg, Gotzborg (GP) – The Royal Kingdom continues to forge ahead with its work in the economic side of the nation. Although progress in this important aspect of the nation took a while to gain some semblance of movement, the inertia seems to be noticeably picking up.

Late 2004 and early 2005 the King formed three major companies under the purview of the Royal Family, dealing specifically with shipbuilding, heavy industry and armaments respectively. Each of these companies produce a wide range of products specifically targetted at the simulationist aspect of the economy. With Courland Breweries joining the picture in the last month, the economic side could still be considered at a standstill.

With Mr Carson Smith’s application and formation of a consulting service in late November and under the revised rules for companies, it marked the first new movement in this area. This was quickly followed by information gathering and questions regarding privately owned banking institutions seperate from the Royal Bank, and then a BIll int he Chamber of Deputies to guide banking regulation, which in turn resultedin Sir David Roest applying to open Royal Bison Savings & Loan

This movement and the wide and varied marketing which is being carried out by KRS Shipbuilding in Gotzborg, Babkha, Natopia, Stormark, Alexandria and Talamthom has so far resulted in a total combined 247 ships having been ordered to-date. The most recent new customer to KRS has been the County of Gong Li, a component of Shireroth, who has been the first to place an order from that nation.

Although KRS has been by far the most successful in sales and products so far, KSag Heavy Industry has launched a whole new line and effort in the area of railway locomotives and equipment targetted at those nations working on the Convention of Micras Standards and Values in the Grand Commonwealth and with the Novasolum Treaty nations of Gotzborg, Anthelia and Alexandria.

Time and committment in micronational projects ebbs and flows with the reality of life however it is hoped by many that the amount of nations who see the value and benefit to the micronational economy will grow and in turn allow a self-supported system to function.

Any nations interested in launching their own participation in the micronational economy can rest easy that at this point, a starting point for sure, all that is required is a MX2 account with a suitable starting capital which will not put inter-micronational exchanges to extremes. It is recommended that the starting money be between 4 to 6 million of the national currency.

There shall be an economy, but lets make it an economy of nations and not merely a national economy!

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