Another Impeachment? How Many More Can Amerada Handle?

Today, President Washburn announced his intention to impeach his right-hand man, Jon Weatherhead, who, although fired from the legislature, is still Vice-President. The President asked the new legislature to approve his newest impeachment because he considers Jon lazy and no longer interested in the well being of Amerada.

An RCAA official was quick to point out that this is yet another case of the President using Amerada to make personal attacks. He said, “Once again, we see clear evidence that the President has an extraordinary need in his life to have constant personal vendettas. First it was Mr. Steeves as his target in October, then Mr. Sinclair, followed by Mr. Bridgewater and now Mr. Weatherhead. The President is clearly out of control and must be suffering from some type of insanity. He should not be asking for the impeachment of his vice-president, he should be asking for a free psychological examination at the local hospital!”

The President has announced his support for the deputy Prime Minister, Mr. McCullough, to take over the position of vice-president. If the impeachment process does fail, Mr. Washburn can always fire his vice-president as that is a privilege given to any president.

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