Anti-Paulovia Bill Receives Royal Assent

A bill introduced during the height of the Gotzborg-Paulovia tensions of last week in Gotzborg’s Chamber of Deputies, a parliamentary body open to all citizens, to condemn Paulovia has received royal assent from King August Charles II.

The Condemnation of Paulovia Act was introduced to the Chamber on October 12, the day during which tensions between the two micronations increased to a near-war level over Paulovia’s mobilization of its 1st Army in response to Anthelia’s desires to join Gotzborg wholly (instead of splitting its lands partially to Paulovia and the other Novasolum nations, as Paulovia had demanded). Introduced by Hugh O’Neill, a senior military officer with the Royal Army, the Act claims that Paulovia has “recklessly and provocatively attempted to interfere with the domestic workings and bi-lateral relations of its Novasolum Treaty partners,” noting that Gotzborg can no longer tolerate the “expansionist and fundamentally hostile policy [of placing territorial acquisition above friendship]” allegedly being practiced in Paulovia.

With royal assent given on October 15, the Royal Government is now required to take measures to ensure the “security and well-being” of the Royal Kingdom as well as any Novasolum Treaty partner threatened by Paulovia’s actions. Further, the Act requires the issuance of a demand for Paulovia to demobilize its 1st Army (this was done on October 13), and for Paulovia to demilitarize its Oros Protectorate, which borders Gotzborg and is the site of ongoing military operations by Paulovia. Finally, under the Act, the Royal Government is to take action to ensure that Paulovia “apologise unreservedly for its attempted interference” in the Gotzborg-Anthelia annexation discussions.

No official response from the Paulovian government has been given to the Act, however it is expected that Gotzborg’s Royal Government will be introduced an amendment in due course to enable a sunset clause on the Act as a way to reward Paulovian cooperation and continued peaceful actions.


O’Neill has also passionately called for “an economic, cultural and moral” boycott of Paulovia by both citizens and corporations of Gotzborg. In a rallying statement endorsed by many Gotzers, O’Neill said that Gotzborg should “choke the Paulovians of any form of inward investment [so that] they will swiftly fall apart, another failed state; the consequence that their actions merit.”


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